Fresh hands make light work

Its always great to welcome folk who drop into the Wanaka Community Centre. This week Catie called in to give a hand to the supporters of the MenShed. Catie is working in town over the University holidays, heard about the MenShed and thought she would give it a go. We were busy. The supporters are… Continue reading Fresh hands make light work

A great place to get involved

Gillian and her husband moved to Wanaka in July. Gillian’s family had holidayed here for years. Taking the plunge and relocating south from Auckland meant they needed to engage with the community here in Wanaka. They joined the MenShed. “It was great to learn new skills” said Gillian. But what I love most about the… Continue reading A great place to get involved

Family icon restored to glory

Early in 2021 long term Wanaka resident Lindsay dropped into the Wanaka Community Workshop. She presented a challenge. Could we restore a garden seat which her granddad had owned? At the MensShed we have people like Stu Simpson who like a challenge. With new woodwork and refurbished steel work the seat, resplendent in classic kiwi… Continue reading Family icon restored to glory