MINT show their skills

Last week the Wanaka Community Workshop welcomed back MINT. MINT is our local community trust which supports those in Upper Clutha Area with intellectual disabilities. As part of their comprehensive program MINT visits the Wanaka Community Workshop each month. Our team at the Wanaka Community Workshop really appreciates the opportunity to work with MINT. This… Continue reading MINT show their skills

Lynn River keeping us safe

The Wanaka Community Workshop exists to make a difference – a difference for our community, for our natural environment. We very much appreciate it when our efforts are recognised. We especially appreciate it when this appreciation is in the form of donations that support our efforts. Lynn River, the premier supplier of New Zealand workplace… Continue reading Lynn River keeping us safe

Food banks delivering

For members of the MenShed its great to see projects they have worked on serving their intended purpose. Over recent weeks three food banks have been delivered – to the Wanaka Community Hub, the Wanaka Recreation Centre and at Lugate. Each provides an opportunity to share local produce and to reduce the cost of feeding… Continue reading Food banks delivering

Mid Year Christmas

At times one just needs a break. While its sunny, its also cool – the first snows have fallen in Wanaka. Time for mid year Christmas! This week the team at the Menshed had an extended tea break – complete with cake and a rather dubious Christmas tree. Its great to get stuff done but… Continue reading Mid Year Christmas

ITM Southern Lakes is the new Gold sponsor for Wanaka Community Workshop.

A not for profit charitable trust, Wanaka Community Workshop (WCW) operations is heavily reliant on volunteer time, contestable funding and community goodwill to meet its operating budget and outgoing expenses, while balancing the need to deliver the trust’s purposes, which are to build community resilience by enabling community connection; creating social situations where people can… Continue reading ITM Southern Lakes is the new Gold sponsor for Wanaka Community Workshop.

Easy walking at Bullock Creek

The Friends of Bullock Creek recently completed an extension to their walkway. The walkway enables easy access to this wonderful ecological gem located within the urban area of Wanaka. The Friends have over the years been the catalyst behind the restoration and protection of Bullock Creek and the fresh wayer springs which are its source.… Continue reading Easy walking at Bullock Creek