17/12/2021 – Mons Royale Circular Design Challenge

Mons Royale founder and CEO Hamish Acland attended a Bike-vember event where participants built their own bike rack from waste materials. He and his son Ted enjoyed it so much they came back with the Mons Royale Wanaka Headquarters team. The brief was to lead four teams through a circular design process creating bike racks… Continue reading 17/12/2021 – Mons Royale Circular Design Challenge

Tuesday and Thursday Morning Sessions are Growing Strongly

The Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions, 9am-12pm, are really starting to crank. We started with Alan, two more Alan’s showed up and now we have up to a dozen regulars making rat traps, shelving, organizing the workshop and working on their own projects.

4KT Elephant Workshop

On the 18th April 2021 the 4KT Elephant Workshop happened at the Wanaka Community Workshop. A wonderful event that resulted in beautiful elephants going home with the happy makers.

Sign Making

We’re getting some stuff done. Today Dunlop Building dropped off some great materials and we started making the first sign. Evolution!

We Have A Building!

The building is rented at 15 Gordon Road and will be open for the first time on Thursday 1st April 2021. Drop in and see what is happening. If you can bring us any timber, a saw bench or some volunteer labour all the better!

2020 is coming to a close…

The end of the year is here and while we haven’t achieved what we were hoping to, a locked in physical location to start the Wanaka Community Workshop journey, we have started a Charitable Trust, done a lot of research and feel like we’re closer to making the idea a reality. We’re feeling confident we’ll… Continue reading 2020 is coming to a close…