A safe spot for skinks

Skinks and geckos are lizards – the only two native families of lizard found in New Zealand. Our skink and gecko species have been around a long time – at least 20 million years. They occur only in New Zealand. Some species are restricted to habitats found only in Otago. As these habitats change, our skinks and gecko’s… Continue reading A safe spot for skinks

Saws join the workshop

Wanaka is a great community. This week members of our community invested their support for the Wanaka Community Workshop by donating machinery. In turn the machinery will be used by the Workshop to support the Wanaka community Our scroll saw has seen great service with its previous owner. Over the last decade over 4000 wooden… Continue reading Saws join the workshop

Time for a break

The MenShed team operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop love making things. That said the team also enjoy each other company. Mostly this takes place over a cup of tea of coffee at the Workshop. From time to time we also get out. This month we had a picnic with the Friends of Bullock Creek.… Continue reading Time for a break

Homes for weta

The Upper Clutha is home to an amazing array of insects. Many are unique reflecting our dry and alpine environments. Iconic among New Zealand insects is the Weta. Species of Weta are found among our highest alpine peaks down to forests along the shores of our lakes. Recently the team at the MenShed have been… Continue reading Homes for weta

Trap library making a difference

Wanaka Backyard Trapping is a community organisation all about giving the local native wildlife a hand. They do this by enabling residents across the Upper Clutha to trap predators in their backyards. Wanaka Backyard Trapping manages a trap library. People can borrow for free traps from the library to target rats, stoats and other predators… Continue reading Trap library making a difference

Waxing the Boards

The Winter snows abound on the hills and mountains above Wanaka. Its great to see large numbers of visitors back in town. It’s not only visitors who ski but locals as well. This includes supporters of the Wanaka Community Workshop. While we are known for working with wood and soon textiles, we do have other… Continue reading Waxing the Boards

Time for a brew

The team at the MenShed gathers each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. During this time we make stuff – often from recycled materials and always for the community. However during this time there is always time for a brew. Its a great opportunity to catch up and solve the worlds problems. This week we also welcomed… Continue reading Time for a brew

Kids growing

This week the MenShed team from the Wanaka Community Workshop prepared a small seedling tray The tray is the first of a dozen or more that will be distributed to pre schools across the Upper Clutha. The idea is the brain child of Jo from the Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust. Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust is… Continue reading Kids growing

MINT show their skills

Last week the Wanaka Community Workshop welcomed back MINT. MINT is our local community trust which supports those in Upper Clutha Area with intellectual disabilities. As part of their comprehensive program MINT visits the Wanaka Community Workshop each month. Our team at the Wanaka Community Workshop really appreciates the opportunity to work with MINT. This… Continue reading MINT show their skills

Lynn River keeping us safe

The Wanaka Community Workshop exists to make a difference – a difference for our community, for our natural environment. We very much appreciate it when our efforts are recognised. We especially appreciate it when this appreciation is in the form of donations that support our efforts. Lynn River, the premier supplier of New Zealand workplace… Continue reading Lynn River keeping us safe

Food banks delivering

For members of the MenShed its great to see projects they have worked on serving their intended purpose. Over recent weeks three food banks have been delivered – to the Wanaka Community Hub, the Wanaka Recreation Centre and at Lugate. Each provides an opportunity to share local produce and to reduce the cost of feeding… Continue reading Food banks delivering

Mid Year Christmas

At times one just needs a break. While its sunny, its also cool – the first snows have fallen in Wanaka. Time for mid year Christmas! This week the team at the Menshed had an extended tea break – complete with cake and a rather dubious Christmas tree. Its great to get stuff done but… Continue reading Mid Year Christmas

ITM Southern Lakes is the new Gold sponsor for Wanaka Community Workshop.

A not for profit charitable trust, Wanaka Community Workshop (WCW) operations is heavily reliant on volunteer time, contestable funding and community goodwill to meet its operating budget and outgoing expenses, while balancing the need to deliver the trust’s purposes, which are to build community resilience by enabling community connection; creating social situations where people can… Continue reading ITM Southern Lakes is the new Gold sponsor for Wanaka Community Workshop.

Easy walking at Bullock Creek

The Friends of Bullock Creek recently completed an extension to their walkway. The walkway enables easy access to this wonderful ecological gem located within the urban area of Wanaka. The Friends have over the years been the catalyst behind the restoration and protection of Bullock Creek and the fresh wayer springs which are its source.… Continue reading Easy walking at Bullock Creek

Gnome’s at Bremner Bay

The Wanaka Community Workshop has been operating for about a year. Starting off small, one of our initial projects was the fabrication of gnome houses. Each was then painted by kids from Duke of Edinburgh and William Pike then erected adjacent to the children’s pump cycle track in Bremner Bay. It was a great project… Continue reading Gnome’s at Bremner Bay

Lilliput 305

The newest member of the New Zealand’s network of lilliput libraries stands just outside the main public entrance to the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Lilliput number 305 is managed by staff at Wanaka Library. Since established Lilliput 305 has been busy – on average 23 books every day are being withdrawn. A few weeks back, the… Continue reading Lilliput 305

Making a difference

Over many years a significant effort has been underway throughout the Upper Clutha to reduce the threat of pests to our endangered wildlife. Part of this effort involves traps that target killers – stoats, possums, and rats. A host of agencies are involved. These include the Department of Conservation, community and environmental groups, firms, schools… Continue reading Making a difference

Donations make a difference

The Wanaka Community Workshop continues to benefit from the donation of materials and equipment. Our community is strong and its humbling to receive these gifts. Building materials are often dropped off at the Workshop in Gordon Road but the team from the Mens Shed also collect from sites across Wanaka. A great sign of success… Continue reading Donations make a difference

Lilliput Library

Lilliput Library Cromwell Kidsfirst Kindergaten now has their Lilliput Library up at 25 Gilling Place, Cromwell, New Zealand. A year ago Nicola came into the WCW and asked about the Lilliput Library she had seen in the media. Cromwell kids could really do with one. The workshop had only just started and we were trying… Continue reading Lilliput Library

MINT’s next visit

This week the team at the Mens Shed were preparing for the next visit by the MINT Charitable Trust to the Wanaka Community Workshop. The MINT Trust support those in Upper Clutha Area with intellectual disabilities. Each visit to the Wanaka Community Workshop involves practicable work assembling an item that can be taken home. The… Continue reading MINT’s next visit

Board walk for Bullock Creek

This week members of the Mens Shed working from the Wanaka Community Workshop completed a job for the Friends of Bullock Creek. Bullock Creek emerges from ground water springs and runs through Wanaka entering the Lake adjacent to Dinosaur Park. The stream is a treasured natural icon of our town. Over many years the Friends… Continue reading Board walk for Bullock Creek

Produce from the garden

It makes a difference to grow your own vegetables – a taste difference for us and its easier on the planet. This week the team from the Mensshed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop built a structure to house a raised garden. The new garden will serve a number of our elder residents of Wanaka.… Continue reading Produce from the garden

A trap library for Wanaka

Each of us wear multiple hats – Marcus is both a team member of the MensShed and a member of the community group Wanaka Backyard Trapping. Recently Marcus has been putting the final touches on traps that will initially stock Wanaka’s first trap library. Managed by Wanaka Backyard Trapping the library will be located at… Continue reading A trap library for Wanaka

Sue cuts through

This week Sue used her skills to cut wood – wood for traps. A focus for the team at the Mens Shed (clearly not just men) as been traps. Sophisticated traps for stoats that will be located in backyards across the Upper Clutha and around the urban shoreline of Lake Wanaka. “Its great to learn… Continue reading Sue cuts through

MINT builds lives

The MINT Charitable Trust is all about forging great lives for those with intellectual disabilities in the Upper Clutha Region. As part of this program this week MINT came to the Mens Shed at the Wanaka Community Workshop. It was great to have them. After a few hours on the tools everyone went home with… Continue reading MINT builds lives

Backyard trapping

Over the next few weeks a number of community groups will be encouraging households across the Upper Clutha to trap stoats and rats. The effort is part of a wider program to create a local environment that is predator free. To achieve this outcome each of us will need to do our bit. The Mens… Continue reading Backyard trapping

New workspace

Changes are underway at the Wanaka Community Workshop. Currently the Workshop largely focusses upon working with wood. We are now preparing space that will be designed and equipped for working with textiles. This month the team leading the change together with members of the Mens Shed have started conversion of what was underutilised space within… Continue reading New workspace

Supporting our Food Banks

Food banks are part of the social infrastructure serving communities across the Upper Clutha. The team at the Mens Shed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop have built a small number of shelving units designed to receive donated food and permit easy pick up. They have proved so effective that this month two more units… Continue reading Supporting our Food Banks

Bug hotels

Insects are a critical element of our natural environment. Most pollination of plants is carried out by insects. They are also a key source of food for our native birds. The team at the Mens Shed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop have been asked to provide structures to accommodate insects – “bug hotels”. Built… Continue reading Bug hotels

Restoring a gold rush relic

Visiting one of the regions antique stores Alan spotted a hand forged pick – a relic of the gold rush. He considered the tool deserved a new life. Using equipment at the Wanaka Community Workshop Alan cleaned and brushed up the steel. He then turned and shaped a new handle. Good as new!

Hands to the tools

​Te Kakano is a Trust which operates a Wanaka community based native plant nursery. It specialises in propagating plants originating from our local Upper Clutha region. The plants raised are then used for native habitat restoration around the region. In this the Trust works with local community groups, schools, organisations and businesses in a hands… Continue reading Hands to the tools

Working with the Garden Club

At the Wanaka Community Workshop the MenShed team were recently joined by members of the Wanaka Garden Club. The Club is planning a get together for their members in late March. The get together will held at the Workshop. One of the objectives is for members of the Garden Club to assemble seed box’s within… Continue reading Working with the Garden Club

Toys for a great cause

M!NT is a group of local parents in our community who are supporting children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Jude who works with M!NT as their ambassador dropped into the Wanaka Community Workshop recently. She shared her idea with supporters of the MenShed that they could make “something” to be sold at an upcoming… Continue reading Toys for a great cause

Reducing waste by re-use

A key objective of the Wanaka Community Workshop is to reduce waste. The key means by which we achieve this is by re-using and re-purposing material that would otherwise be dumped. Recently volunteers dismantled wooden racks which once held products at the now closed Mitre 10 shop off Reece Cresent. This work took many hours.… Continue reading Reducing waste by re-use

Monitoring insect populations

Insects are a key part of our ecosystem. They are pollinators, they deal with waste and they are food for a host of animals. Given these benefits its important to monitor the extent and diversity of insect populations. This week the team from the Mens (and womans) Shed completed six insect monitoring stations for WAI… Continue reading Monitoring insect populations

Paint store for the workshop

At the Wanaka Community Workshop we use recycled materials, materials which would otherwise have been disposed of. Wood products such as timber and plywood as well as screws, nails and bolts are an important part of this. However we also reuse paint and stains which would otherwise have been disposed of. We need to store… Continue reading Paint store for the workshop

Lilliput Libraries

Reading is important. Important for society as a whole. Important for us as individuals. Its also fun. Encouraging reading is a key mission for Wanaka Library. Part of this is making it easy for folk to access books. With a great book collection at the library and on line, our librarians are working to complement… Continue reading Lilliput Libraries

Aiding our island habitats

Within Lake Wanaka are four islands – Mou Waho (120 ha), Te Peka Karara (65 ha), Mou Tapu (120ha) and Ruby Island (3 ha). The Department of Conservation in association with community groups are working to create pest free haven’s on the largest three islands. Their work has already permitted buff weka to be returned… Continue reading Aiding our island habitats

Gifted kit for the Workshop

The MenShed operates out of the Wanaka Community Workshop every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This week Peter Young dropped in with an offer – would we like a band saw? Would we? We would love it! Half and hour later Peter was back. Peter brought with him a band saw that had served him over… Continue reading Gifted kit for the Workshop