A trap library for Wanaka

Each of us wear multiple hats – Marcus is both a team member of the MensShed and a member of the community group Wanaka Backyard Trapping. Recently Marcus has been putting the final touches on traps that will initially stock Wanaka’s first trap library. Managed by Wanaka Backyard Trapping the library will be located at… Continue reading A trap library for Wanaka

Sue cuts through

This week Sue used her skills to cut wood – wood for traps. A focus for the team at the Mens Shed (clearly not just men) as been traps. Sophisticated traps for stoats that will be located in backyards across the Upper Clutha and around the urban shoreline of Lake Wanaka. “Its great to learn… Continue reading Sue cuts through

MINT builds lives

The MINT Charitable Trust is all about forging great lives for those with intellectual disabilities in the Upper Clutha Region. As part of this program this week MINT came to the Mens Shed at the Wanaka Community Workshop. It was great to have them. After a few hours on the tools everyone went home with… Continue reading MINT builds lives

Backyard trapping

Over the next few weeks a number of community groups will be encouraging households across the Upper Clutha to trap stoats and rats. The effort is part of a wider program to create a local environment that is predator free. To achieve this outcome each of us will need to do our bit. The Mens… Continue reading Backyard trapping

New workspace

Changes are underway at the Wanaka Community Workshop. Currently the Workshop largely focusses upon working with wood. We are now preparing space that will be designed and equipped for working with textiles. This month the team leading the change together with members of the Mens Shed have started conversion of what was underutilised space within… Continue reading New workspace

Supporting our Food Banks

Food banks are part of the social infrastructure serving communities across the Upper Clutha. The team at the Mens Shed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop have built a small number of shelving units designed to receive donated food and permit easy pick up. They have proved so effective that this month two more units… Continue reading Supporting our Food Banks

Bug hotels

Insects are a critical element of our natural environment. Most pollination of plants is carried out by insects. They are also a key source of food for our native birds. The team at the Mens Shed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop have been asked to provide structures to accommodate insects – “bug hotels”. Built… Continue reading Bug hotels

Restoring a gold rush relic

Visiting one of the regions antique stores Alan spotted a hand forged pick – a relic of the gold rush. He considered the tool deserved a new life. Using equipment at the Wanaka Community Workshop Alan cleaned and brushed up the steel. He then turned and shaped a new handle. Good as new!

Hands to the tools

‚ÄčTe Kakano is a Trust which operates a Wanaka community based native plant nursery. It specialises in propagating plants originating from our local Upper Clutha region. The plants raised are then used for native habitat restoration around the region. In this the Trust works with local community groups, schools, organisations and businesses in a hands… Continue reading Hands to the tools

Working with the Garden Club

At the Wanaka Community Workshop the MenShed team were recently joined by members of the Wanaka Garden Club. The Club is planning a get together for their members in late March. The get together will held at the Workshop. One of the objectives is for members of the Garden Club to assemble seed box’s within… Continue reading Working with the Garden Club

Toys for a great cause

M!NT is a group of local parents in our community who are supporting children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Jude who works with M!NT as their ambassador dropped into the Wanaka Community Workshop recently. She shared her idea with supporters of the MenShed that they could make “something” to be sold at an upcoming… Continue reading Toys for a great cause

Reducing waste by re-use

A key objective of the Wanaka Community Workshop is to reduce waste. The key means by which we achieve this is by re-using and re-purposing material that would otherwise be dumped. Recently volunteers dismantled wooden racks which once held products at the now closed Mitre 10 shop off Reece Cresent. This work took many hours.… Continue reading Reducing waste by re-use

Monitoring insect populations

Insects are a key part of our ecosystem. They are pollinators, they deal with waste and they are food for a host of animals. Given these benefits its important to monitor the extent and diversity of insect populations. This week the team from the Mens (and womans) Shed completed six insect monitoring stations for WAI… Continue reading Monitoring insect populations

Paint store for the workshop

At the Wanaka Community Workshop we use recycled materials, materials which would otherwise have been disposed of. Wood products such as timber and plywood as well as screws, nails and bolts are an important part of this. However we also reuse paint and stains which would otherwise have been disposed of. We need to store… Continue reading Paint store for the workshop

Lilliput Libraries

Reading is important. Important for society as a whole. Important for us as individuals. Its also fun. Encouraging reading is a key mission for Wanaka Library. Part of this is making it easy for folk to access books. With a great book collection at the library and on line, our librarians are working to complement… Continue reading Lilliput Libraries

Aiding our island habitats

Within Lake Wanaka are four islands – Mou Waho (120 ha), Te Peka Karara (65 ha), Mou Tapu (120ha) and Ruby Island (3 ha). The Department of Conservation in association with community groups are working to create pest free haven’s on the largest three islands. Their work has already permitted buff weka to be returned… Continue reading Aiding our island habitats

Gifted kit for the Workshop

The MenShed operates out of the Wanaka Community Workshop every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This week Peter Young dropped in with an offer – would we like a band saw? Would we? We would love it! Half and hour later Peter was back. Peter brought with him a band saw that had served him over… Continue reading Gifted kit for the Workshop

Sarah makes a difference

Over the holidays Sarah has been picking cherries in the Upper Clutha. This week before heading back north to University she dropped into the Wanaka Community Workshop. Sarah was looking to make a contribution to our community. She joined the team from the Mens Shed for a morning. We are currently building a batch of… Continue reading Sarah makes a difference

Better Brew Ups

It may surprise some but its not all work at the Mens Shed. We also enjoy the odd brew – a cuppa. Indeed the time for a cuppa is a key part of our day. A time to catch up and share stories. Without running water in our kitchen our brew ups were more akin… Continue reading Better Brew Ups

Fresh hands make light work

Its always great to welcome folk who drop into the Wanaka Community Centre. This week Catie called in to give a hand to the supporters of the MenShed. Catie is working in town over the University holidays, heard about the MenShed and thought she would give it a go. We were busy. The supporters are… Continue reading Fresh hands make light work

A great place to get involved

Gillian and her husband moved to Wanaka in July. Gillian’s family had holidayed here for years. Taking the plunge and relocating south from Auckland meant they needed to engage with the community here in Wanaka. They joined the MenShed. “It was great to learn new skills” said Gillian. But what I love most about the… Continue reading A great place to get involved

Family icon restored to glory

Early in 2021 long term Wanaka resident Lindsay dropped into the Wanaka Community Workshop. She presented a challenge. Could we restore a garden seat which her granddad had owned? At the MensShed we have people like Stu Simpson who like a challenge. With new woodwork and refurbished steel work the seat, resplendent in classic kiwi… Continue reading Family icon restored to glory

17/12/2021 – Mons Royale Circular Design Challenge

Mons Royale founder and CEO Hamish Acland attended a Bike-vember event where participants built their own bike rack from waste materials. He and his son Ted enjoyed it so much they came back with the Mons Royale Wanaka Headquarters team. The brief was to lead four teams through a circular design process creating bike racks… Continue reading 17/12/2021 – Mons Royale Circular Design Challenge

Tuesday and Thursday Morning Sessions are Growing Strongly

The Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions, 9am-12pm, are really starting to crank. We started with Alan, two more Alan’s showed up and now we have up to a dozen regulars making rat traps, shelving, organizing the workshop and working on their own projects.

4KT Elephant Workshop

On the 18th April 2021 the 4KT Elephant Workshop happened at the Wanaka Community Workshop. A wonderful event that resulted in beautiful elephants going home with the happy makers.

Sign Making

We’re getting some stuff done. Today Dunlop Building dropped off some great materials and we started making the first sign. Evolution!

We Have A Building!

The building is rented at 15 Gordon Road and will be open for the first time on Thursday 1st April 2021. Drop in and see what is happening. If you can bring us any timber, a saw bench or some volunteer labour all the better!

Meetings and Decisions

The hardest thing to sort out has been a physical location for the Workshop. We’ve talking to Council about locating a building on Council land and looked at every option we can think of. In order to actually get this thing started we’ve decided to lease a building on Gordon Road, Wanaka for the following… Continue reading Meetings and Decisions

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2020 is coming to a close…

The end of the year is here and while we haven’t achieved what we were hoping to, a locked in physical location to start the Wanaka Community Workshop journey, we have started a Charitable Trust, done a lot of research and feel like we’re closer to making the idea a reality. We’re feeling confident we’ll… Continue reading 2020 is coming to a close…